recount3 in GB

The publication describing the recount3 project (and related projects like Snaptron and the associated recount3 and snapcount Bioconductor packages) is out in the journal Genome Biology. This was a huge effort involving many researchers at Johns Hopkins University and beyond. But a very large share of the credit goes to Langmead-lab student Chris Wilks, who graduated in 2021. Congrats, Chris!

recount3 is a resource consisting of over 750,000 publicly available human and mouse RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) samples uniformly processed by our new Monorail analysis pipeline. To facilitate access to the data, we provide the recount3 and snapcount R/Bioconductor packages as well as complementary web resources. Using these tools, data can be downloaded as study-level summaries or queried for specific exon-exon junctions, genes, samples, or other features. Monorail can be used to process local and/or private data, allowing results to be directly compared to any study in recount3. Taken together, our tools help biologists maximize the utility of publicly available RNA-seq data, especially to improve their understanding of newly collected data. recount3 is available from


Published:December 21, 2021


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