Including preprints.  Google Scholar version.


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Preprint available

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Describes the LevioSAM software for translating (“lifting”) alignments between reference genomes

Pre-built LevioSAM indexes, e.g. for human major-allele references, are available from the Bowtie websites

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Preprint available

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Describes the Megadepth software for quantifying genomic intervals from bigWig and BAM files

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Describes the Reference flow software and framework for avoiding reference bias by aligning to multiple references


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Describes the ASCOT resource for exploring alternative splicing


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Describes the Samovar software tool for mosaic variant detection from linked-read data

Winner of best paper at RECOMB-seq

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Describes the Qtip software.

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Describes the Intropolis resource. Research highlight by Robert & Watson.

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Johns Hopkins Medicine news piece

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Describes the BSmooth software tool.

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Describes the Bowtie 2 software tool. Selected for author profile.


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Describes the ReCount database.

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Describes the Bowtie software tool. Winner: Genome Biology Award for outstanding article in the journal Genome Biology in 2009. Selected for minireview: The Need for Speed