New funded R01 & R35 projects

The Langmead Lab is starting the new year with two new funded projects. One is an R01 from NIH/NHGRI funding our work on addressing reference bias with personal and panel references. This is joint work with Christina Boucher at University of Florida and Travis Gagie at Dalhousie University. Our recent paper on the Reference Flow framework is an early example of a result from this project.

The other is a MIRA award from NIH/NIGMS covering our work on developing and maintaining the read alignment software tools Bowtie & Bowtie 2, the Kraken 2 tool for analysis of metagenomics sequencing data, the Dashing tool for genomic sketching, and our tools and resources for large-scale analysis and querying of archived sequencing data.

Many thanks to our funders!


Published:January 4, 2021


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