Cloud review at NRG

A review paper describing advances in cloud computing, as well as how it has been applied in genomics research, was published online today in Nature Reviews Genetics.  Cloud computing went from a big idea to one of the most profitable parts of the tech sector in the span of about a decade.  DNA sequencing technology underwent a similar explosion over that same period.  In recent years, several projects have started to demonstrate how the two in combination can enable modes of research that weren’t possible before.  In this review, we discuss how cloud computing enable large-scale reanalysis of the large, valuable datasets in our public archives such as the Sequence Read Archive.  Also, we discuss how cloud computing facilitates large distributed collaborations, where data generated in labs spread across the world can be analyzed efficiently, reproducibly, and in a way that respects data sovereignty and other security concerns.


Published:January 30, 2018


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