Charlotte defends

Huge congratulations to Charlotte Darby, who successfully completed her Ph.D. defense on May 26th! Charlotte’s thesis, titled “Computational methods addressing genetic variation in next-generation sequencing data” covers her work on Samovar (paper), scHLAcount (paper) and Vargas (paper), among other projects. Charlotte was co-advised by Ben and by Dr. Mike Schatz. Next, Charlotte will join Rahul Satija‘s lab at the New York Genome Center as a Senior Computational Biologist. We are proud of Charlotte and her many accomplishments, and wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

Below are photos of Charlotte’s remote defense (first c/o Mike Schatz, second c/o Charlotte), as well as our socially distanced going-away get-together for Charlotte (and Brad Solomon!) in the Wyman Park Dell.


Published:June 28, 2020


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